Blown glass mobile by Laura de Carteret, image: Georgia Smedley
Past Event

The Gentle Going Hour


Fri 26 May 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Fri 26 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Opening Night
Sat 27 May 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Sun 28 May 12:00pm - 5:00pm


Free, no booking required


Collingwood House
103 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia


All gender bathroom Assistance animals welcome Low sensory / relaxed

Hanging mobiles have been crafted for millenia, born from brass and bells. With no definitive explanation for why or what a mobile can be, The Gentle Going Hour asks participants to consider the historical sentiment of the adornment of space, a considered reminder of pleasure.

The concept breaches lines of modality, asking creators across multiple disciplines to present works in a form they have not yet explored. In commissioning explorative practices of design, they look to examine the ways in which they practice craft, commonly reaching for practicality in response to currency and exchange.

With response to the pleasure of design, contributors to The Gentle Going Hour conceive and build a series of hanging mobiles with reference to slow-moving and experimental craft; designing the world we want with purposeful non-practicality.

“This is completely useless and meaningless. It’s just beautiful, that’s all. It can make you very emotional if you understand it. Of course, if it had some meaning it would be easier to understand, but it’s too late for that.” Alexander Calder.

Participants include: Anne U, Belle Thierry, Billie Civello, Bolaji Teniola, Camille Laddawan, Caro Pattle,  (MISSEU), Jill Stevenson, Laura de Carteret, Jordan Fleming, Sam McIntyre, Tess Pirrie.

Complimentary drinks available for opening night ticket holders. All proceeds from the opening event will go to Pay The Rent foundation. The Gentle Going Hour is made possible by Darling Distillery


Anne U

Anne U is an artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung) whose practice is focused on ceramic sculpture and design. With surface treatments that reflect an appetite for revealing infinite potential along with the unpredictable alchemy of home-developed experimental glazes, the result is often the by-product of orchestrated chaos and intentional unease. Her work all at once exhibits an intriguingly grotesque yet delectable character.

Belle Thierry
Belle Thierry is a visual artist based in Regional Victoria whose practice incorporates elements of ceramics, sculpture and mixed media.
Thierry’s work juxtaposes mediums such as ceramic, metal, and wood considering the way material and form affect light, shadow and space. Subdued and minimal her work focuses on the essential gesture of form, highlighting the integral qualities of material, shown in its most authentic state.
Billie Civelllo

Billie Civello is an emerging designer-maker based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung). Billies’ practice sit on the nexus between art and design, focusing on interactions between how objects exist in space and the built environments that inform them. Billie has mainly worked with metal though has used a range of materials to create objects that take on a brutalist yet modern aesthetic, drawing heavily from architecture and urban environments.

Bolaji Teniola

Bolaji Teniola is an emerging interdisciplinary designer, blending his knowledge of furniture and industrial design to develop pieces that occupy known genres or something new
In search of pragmatic solutions, Teniola finds joy in allowing the process to dictate the result. Utilising an investigative approach to traverse various mediums, a deep curiosity for materiality and the manufacturing process sits at the centre of Teniola’s practice.

Camille Laddawan

Camille Laddawan creates beadings inscribed with fragments of text and music notation by way of visual code. Laddawan’ work questions and prompts discussions about how institutions conduct and influence individuals. Through the use of code, her work comments on the nature of institutional language, and the difficulties of navigating it. By drawing on personal experiences of coming into contact with legal, welfare and healthcare bodies, Laddawan’s work seeks to make these experiences and ways of communication visible.

Caro Pattle

Caro Pattle’s experimental object-based practice explores handcraft processes through a lens of contemporary materiality. She draws from a range of craft disciplines to create works that joyfully muddle organic/synthetic, past/present and functional/non-functional binaries. Pattle’s practice spans large-scale public art installation through to objects for interiors and is underpinned by ongoing research into material culture, animism, and domestic worlds. Embedded across all of her output is a sense of pleasure and play.


MISSEU is a Melbourne based experimental design studio that investigates the intersection between art and design. Misseu’s goal is to challenge traditional notions of design, dismantling peoples perceptions to reframe and elicit further thought.

Jill Stevenson

Jill Stevenson is an emerging interdisciplinary designer and artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung). A recent graduate of the Associate Degree in Furniture Design at RMIT, she has also completed a bachelor of Architecture at the University of Queensland. Jill’s interests lie in speculative and experimental design, focusing on the intrinsic qualities of materials and their place in our landscape; natural and built. Her work is research driven and adopts a constant questioning of matter, form and context. The resulting musings are often articulated into detailed pieces with a playful approach to both theme and object.

Laura de Carteret

Laura De Carteret is a multidisciplinary artist and designer specialising in glass, gold, and silversmithing. Drawing from an eclectic source of reference points, Laura’s Hybrid practice embraces a multitude of paradoxical ideas, techniques and materials through a queer lens. Between metal work, glass blowing and sculpting, Laura’s intuitive use of material aims to articulate conscious and unconscious thoughts and desires.

Jordan Fleming
Melbourne based designer and artist Jordan Fleming works with metal, plaster, pigment and timber to create sculptural and experimental furniture and lighting pieces characterised by humour and vivacious, wonky asymmetry.
Fleming’s work expresses a personal exploration with materials through her use of sculpting plaster and pigments to create pieces that possess an emotional impact; conjuring feelings as if they’re living in the space, rather than solely serving a programmatic function.
Having a background in cabinet making and interior design, Fleming established her own furniture design practice in 2018. Fleming’s works have been exhibited in Melbourne Design Week (2020, 2021, 2022), At The Above Gallery (2021)  and  internationally at the Lake Como Design Festival, Italy (2022). Recently Fleming has be selected for the  2022 Vogue Living VL50 in the Product Design category.   Additionally, her work has been profiled in design magazine Artichoke, architecture and design blog Yellowtrace, and Frankie magazine as the winner of their 2018 Good Stuff design aw
Sam McIntyre

Samantha McIntyre Is a self taught ceramicist and artist. Samantha commenced making as a therapeutic practice to combat depression in 2018.

Her works embrace imperfections in form and the marks made by hands. The process of making and the calm, meditative state it generates acts as her therapy where thought and emotions can be poured into an object or canvas rather than bottled inside. She creates to bring clarity and calmness to her surroundings and joy to those who buy a piece of her work.

Samantha lives and works in Ngar-go, also known as Fitzroy, where sovereignty was never ceded.

Tess Pirrie

Tess Pirrie is an emerging designer based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung). Her practice spans across furniture, object and material development. Tess’ designs are playful and experimental as she is interested in creating unique pieces, trialing new techniques and exploring what is possible to expand her practice.

Tess is also one half of the creative duo behind misc objet, a curatorial partnership that aims to create safe spaces and equal opportunities for emerging designers.

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