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Design House



Fri 26 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sat 27 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sun 28 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Free, no booking required


Oigall Projects, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia

Design House is a celebration of conceptual design in context with functional art performing its function.

After a long, and sometimes painful restoration process of OIGÅLL PROJECTS UPSTAIRS, the gallery wanted to celebrate this newly finished domestic space by offering it up to their design family to explore new works and concepts within their practices.

Design often gets the shitty end of the stick, plopped into white wall galleries to be examined at a 40cm to 1.5m clearance. This is stupid. These objects inform our lives, improve them, sometimes inconvenience them but always enrich them. You need to pick ’em up, turn them on, move them out of the way of the screen while watching Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Not just look at them: get a chux on it, Daryl. See how she cleans up!

Design, at least for OIGÅLL PROJECTS , is informed by a perfectly installed zetr power point, a skirting board, an overly considered conduit coupling that Mitchell made Pete the builder drive all over Victoria to find. Design objects are made to exist in design spaces with opinions too.

So this is Design House: 10 of OIGÅLL’s favourite designers existing in an inhabitable space.  They come together to examine and critically analyse the work as they use it, explore it and potentially break it.


Volker Haug

Volker Haug Studio, founded in 2004, is a decorative lighting practice based in Melbourne. The studio creates lighting informed by a sense of discovery and experimentation, with works produced by a skilled team of designers and makers. With a focus on pared back immaculate designs imbued with a sense of playfulness and individuality, the studio has established a long tradition of detailed, elegant lighting.


We believe that the world isn’t all ninety degree angles and straight paths from A to B. That people make mistakes, and that the best things don’t go to plan. We’re not robots, and neither are you. Today, humans use satellites orbiting thousands of kilometres above the Earth to predict the weather and they still get it wrong. Fancy that. It’s as if everything around us doesn’t want to be measured with the same stick, or herded into categories.

We’re an impractical bunch, hell bent on this elusive goddess called beauty, who runs away giggling as we clumsily chase. That’s what human nature is, clumsy and awkward, trying to chain and quantify beauty to perfection when really she is so much more than that. In one of our pieces you’re more likely to find artificial stupidity than intelligence. In reality, this stupidity, despite its negative connotations, leads us closer to beauty. Our errors become the untouched path in a world of well trodden trails. What a joy it is to see the peculiar, the different, to hold your eye over it and pause for a moment. A little chaotic oasis to remind you that nothing is perfect, nor should it be.

Brud Studia

Brud Studia is a furniture and object design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2020 it combines brutalist, often primitive design-methods, alongside contemporary and digital design. The works of Brud Studia appear to be made with very simple and direct intentions: sanding, slotting and hammering. “We want the method to be the language of the finished object,” says Mitchell, Brud Studia’s creative director. Brud continue to explore their chosen fabrication of aluminium across several sculptural and concept driven objects treating their practice more as an experimental and explorative project.


Bmdo is a design studio established in 2018 by fletcher barns and James l. Marshall. The duo’s professional training in industrial design and fine art provides a conceptual basis for their exploration of methods, thinking and manufacturing. Their personalities and tastes are complementary and cohesive, without being homogeneous. Blending traditional and future-oriented aesthetics, Bmdo produces furniture and art objects with attention to material, context, and detail. Bmdo is playful, dark, social and emotional.

Olivia Bossy

Olivia Bossy is a Sydney based artist and designer.

Studio Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson is a talented designer based in Sydney, where he runs his own studio. He obtained his first class honours in visual arts, specialising in woodwork, from the Australian National University School of Art in Canberra. While pursuing his studies, Henry also attended the Rhode Island School of Design as part of a student exchange program. Later, he completed his Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Europe.

Since starting his studio in 2012, Henry has designed a variety of items, including furniture, lighting, accessories, and components. He works closely with a number of suppliers and manufacturers to create his pieces, and has developed a strong relationship with a local foundry for cast elements in bronze and aluminium. Henry’s works are showcased in a number of design showrooms around the world, and he sells his pieces directly to customers.

In addition to his product design work, Henry has also designed the interiors for two Aesop stores located in Sydney. With his eye for design and attention to detail, Henry’s work is both visually striking and functional.

Cordon Salon

Founded by artists and designers Kara Pickard and Ella Saddington in 2018, Cordon Salon is a Melbourne based design studio driven by curiosity in the lost, forgotten, and often overlooked. The studio focuses on researching, reimagining, and experimenting as methods to discovering new outcomes, concepts, processes and design styles. With a belief in honouring materials, craftsmanship, and functionality, Kara and Ella work collaboratively with artists and artisans to create distinct and innovative designs.

Laker Studio

Laker began as a series of conversations between two friends, David Caon and Henry Wilson. With different approaches to the business of design, Caon and Wilson found common ground in the objects they are drawn to and the design philosophies they share. Over time, those conversations took the shape of tangible products that continue to evolve through necessity, following what could be described as a common-sense brief.

Ultimately, Laker is a reflection of the discoveries of its founders and the spectrum of experience informing their work—Caon, an industrial designer with a background in large-scale commercial projects, and Wilson, a furniture and industrial designer exploring the juncture between the rational and emotional.

Laker combines intelligent, sustainable design with a respect for the impermanence of contemporary living. The thinking here is that good design should incorporate the changing needs and environments of its user, and that products should be made to last, rather than to be replaced.

Micheal Gittings Studio

Michael Gittings was born and raised in Albury, Victoria, and established his design studio in Fawkner, in Melbourne’s north, in 2016. Michael’s design studio is intuitive, and he allows metals and their properties to direct the form of his work.

Michael is interested in the myriad of treatments and technologies employed throughout history by industry to form and finish metal products. His techniques span those at the very forefront of modern science to those that have been around for millennia, harking back to pre-industrial craftsmanship.

Michael allows these techniques to hold influence over the final form of his work. Some techniques involve meticulous planning and construction, while others require no previous plans or sketches, and the metal can be worked by hand, like clay at a potter’s wheel. Michael’s work is a continually evolving dialogue between the artist and the material.

Lex Williams

Based in Byron Bay Australia, TIGMI founder and creative director Danielle McEwan travels the globe in search of one-off rugs, art pieces and objects, hand-selecting each one for her inspired collections. Harbouring authentic relationships with her suppliers, she’s invested in their stories and supportive of their traditional craft.

After years travelling for her career in the music industry, Danielle’s life-long love for culture and discerning eye for art & design in all forms is what led her to launch TIGMI. Her only criteria when selecting each piece is that it is made with love and inspires connection – adding an invisible, but palpable layer of beauty and soul to the home.

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