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Thu 18 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Fri 19 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sat 20 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sun 21 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Mon 22 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Tue 23 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Wed 24 May 11:00am - 5:30pm


Free, no booking required


Villa Alba Museum
44 Walmer St, 44 Walmer St, Kew VIC 3101, Australia


Seating available

Prompted by the question ‘what MATTERS to you?’, a notable collection of Australian and international designer-makers have been invited to explore ‘process’ as the key instigator for new design possibilities. Each practitioners concept is gradually developed, and the result are presented in 3 exhibitions, spaced over 3 years: (NO THINGS), (SOME THINGS), and (ALL THINGS) MATTERS.

During Melbourne Design Week, the first installment, (NO THINGS) MATTERS will take over the ground floor of Villa Alba Museum. Hosting a tactile cornucopia of material samples, interpreted tools, experimental forms, and visual documentation. (NO THINGS) invites audiences to engage with an unusual approach to design thinking, from it’s infancy, and follow on the journey as design works manifest into reality.

(NO THINGS) MATTERS is made possible with valued support from Eco Outdoor.


Andrew Carvolth

Andrew Carvolth is a designer and craftsperson who merges traditional materials and furniture making techniques with experimental making processes to explore Australian vernacular design. Producing work for exhibitions, commissions and as editions, Carvolth is Head of the JamFactory Furniture Studio, and co-founded the curatorial and exhibition platform One Two One Two.

In 2020 he co-founded Mixed Goods Studios an independent craft and design studio in Adelaide. Exhibiting internationally since 2018, works by Carvolth have been presented at Milan Design Week (2018); Abierto de Diseño México (2019); and Melbourne Design Week (2019-22).

His work is held in private collections as well as the collections of Domaine de Boisbuchet, France, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Cordon Salon

Cordon Salon is a Melbourne-based design studio that uses research, collaboration and experimentation as a method to speculate on approaches to contemporary craft and design.

The studio focuses on the creation of finely crafted limited edition, collectable design and functional art. Often working with lost, forgotten or overlooked materials, crafts and processes to achieve innovative outcomes.

Founded in 2018, the studio has developed work for local and international clientele and exhibited widely across Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne Design Fair, Sydney Design Week and Craft Contemporary, Craft Victoria with a 2021 solo showcase at Sophie Gannon Gallery.

Dean Norton

Dean Norton develops products that consider form, function, refined detailing, and harmony in materials. Drawing inspiration from several contemporary influences, he aims to create enduring pieces that connect on an emotional level, merging a balance between art and design whilst maintaining a minimalist design aesthetic.

Born and raised in Essex, England, Norton originally studied graphic design before continuing his journey as an interior designer, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons) in Retail Interior Design from the University of the Arts London.

Now based in Melbourne, Norton launched his studio in 2017, drawing upon his design experience to create visually engaging, locally made pieces including furniture, objects, and lighting, re-imagining a variety of sculptural forms through the exploration of finishes and materials such as glass, mirror, steel, and timber.

DnJ Paper

Based in Melbourne,  DNJ PAPER is a collaborative research project and micro-label that uses handmade recycled rag paper made in studio, and Japanese paper (washi), made from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree in small studios across Japan.

Each sheet comes with exhaustive information on the conditions of production. DNJ PAPER uses washi in traditional and nontraditional ways to make paper clothing, accessories, and objects in response to pressing social, aesthetic, and conceptual questions emerging from contemporary fashion and textiles practice.

The works of DNJ PAPER are never “finished” and will change over time—let them wear, then be repaired.

Edward Linacre

Edward Linacre is a multidisciplinary designer and artist, and co-founder of creative community platform, Mycelium Studios. He is recognised for his other-worldly luminous creations, user-centred design approach, development of biomaterials and experimental artworks.

His studio designs and manufactures created in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga) are a range of internationally award winning Australian made lighting, furniture and objects, takes on commissions for standalone artworks and installations, and develops products for clients in diverse industries.

Elliat Rich

For Elliat Rich the design process is a creative translation between materials and culture, alive to a broader context of power and social value. Lead by curiosity, enriched through wonder and always calling on the possibilities of the imagination.

Elliat is based in Alice Springs, Central Australia and works across a broad- spectrum of design for a diverse client base, remotely, locally and nationally. Her practice covers cross-cultural resources, exhibition design, public art and furniture, product development, one-off exhibition and editioned objects.

All projects align with an ethical imperative to increase equality between people and across species, now and into the future.

James Walsh

Melbourne-based furniture and industrial designer, James Walsh graduated from RMIT university in 2017. Designing furniture and homewares for his own studio brand and leading Australian companies, his practise demonstrates a combination of traditional, often primitive design methods with contemporary techniques.

Jill Stevenson

Jill Stevenson is an interdisciplinary designer and artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung). Jill’s work is grounded in speculative and experimental design, focusing on the intrinsic qualities of materials and their place in our landscape; natural and built.

Her work is research driven and adopts a constant questioning of matter, shape and context. The resulting musings are often articulated into detailed objects with a playful approach to both theme and form.

Jon Goulder x James B Young

Internationally acclaimed Designer Jon Goulder founded his studio in 1996 after graduating from Canberra School of Art. Jon grew up surrounded by furniture, both in his family factory and at home. In 1992 he completed and apprenticeship in upholstery and furniture making to become a fourth generation craftsperson. Since then Jon has worked hard to design a body of work which grounds him as a stand-out Australian designer.

James. B. Young is a shoemaker and outfitter crafting bespoke shoes and made to order handbags and fine leather goods. Based in Alice Springs, James pairs his uniquely Australian sensibility with a european tradition of bespoke shoemaking and fine leatherwork, employing the finest materials to produce limited numbers of pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Jordan Flemming

Melbourne-based designer and artist Jordan Fleming works with metal, plaster, pigment and timber to create sculptural and experimental furniture and lighting pieces characterised by humour and vivacious, wonky asymmetry.

Fleming’s work expresses a personal exploration with materials through her use of sculpting plaster and pigments to create pieces that possess an emotional impact; conjuring feelings as if they’re living in the space, rather than solely serving a programmatic function.

Marlo Lyda

Marlo Lyda is an Australian born designer-maker and emerging curator, now based in Sydney Australia. Graduating Cum Laude for her project Scraptopia in 2021 from the Design Academy Eindhoven (BA), Marlo’s education in the Netherlands bridges ‘Design Thinking’ with informal notions of ‘make-do’ and collaborative production.

Coaxing her delicate and functional objects from materials that are undervalued and disregarded, Marlo believes overlooked materials and techniques offer a unique opportunity for perceptions of value to be redefined.

Studio Tops

Studio Tops is an object-making practice by Melbourne artist and maker Simone Tops. Initiated in 2014 and stemming from a visual arts background, Studio Tops produces objects from various tactile materials that gather multi-layered character over time via a patina of use.

The leatherware speaks to industrial sculptural forms and saddlery techniques. These pieces are entirely hand stitched using vegetable tanned leathers with hand forged details. Studio Tops pieces are crafted to last, patina over time and designed to be companions for life.

Second Editions

Second Edition was established by Amy Seo, Shahar Cohen, and Bill Clifton in response to the massive amount of construction and demolition waste ending up in Australia’s landfills. Our practice is centered around on-site, hands-on research and experimentation to work towards a more resource-efficient building process. We advocate for practical, local, and feasible techniques for waste minimisation with real-world applications.

With over 15 years of collective experience working in both design and construction, we are acutely aware of the amount of waste generated by the architectural and construction industries. We were driven to create Second Edition as a way to continually investigate and test alternative methods of building and designing with materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Object Density

Object Density is a Sydney-based design studio established by Nicola Charlesworth and Kim Stanek. Originally from Australia, the duo moved from Sydney to Eindhoven in 2019 to immerse themselves in Dutch design culture while founding their studio.

Object Density creates artistic objects of use, drawing upon research and cultural narrative to communicate values of sustainability and community. Often integrating waste or discarded materials, they seek to reinstate value through conscious process and material decontextualization.

Through examination of object typologies, materials and processes of the past and future, Object Density believes that a designed object can be ‘dense’. Dense with the tacit knowledge of those who contributed throughout the design process.

Eco Outdoor

For over two decades Eco Outdoor has worked in collaboration with architects and designers to provide a curated range of architectural surfaces and outdoor furniture that celebrate the raw beauty of nature.

Supporting this year’s celebration of authentic Australian design at Futures Collective Eco Outdoor will be showcasing the singularly elegant Arc Chair, produced in partnership with Sydney-based designer Tom Fereday. Inspired by the unique character of raw aluminium, the new Arc Chair pays homage to material transparency and the power of collaborative design.

Eco Outdoor is also proud to be sponsoring MATTERS; an emerging collective platform that advocates for time and intention in the process of designing.

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