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Mon 22 May
24 hr
Tue 23 May
24 hr
Wed 24 May
24 hr
Thu 25 May
24 hr
Fri 26 May
24 hr
Sat 27 May
24 hr
Sun 28 May
24 hr


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This online exhibition investigates the importance of alternative methods and processes of interrogating the future of the city. It documents multiple ways of knowing the Melbourne metropolitan area so as to inform how we might shape it in the context of the climate emergency and other urban challenges.

Re-City exhibits a curated type of mapping that digitally spatialises and layers multiple knowledge bases, the juxtaposition of which prompts new ways of thinking and acting on the city. This mapping utilising the iHUB visualising platform, based at Monash Caulfield, to represent complex multi-scalar and layered spatial data to map diverse information such as geology, vegetation, urban and built form, regulatory frameworks, among others. The objective is to use this technology to juxtapose these knowledge systems to reimagine how we know and re-make our city.

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