Black and white photograph of a Melbourne city street scene at night, circa 1940
State Savings Bank of Victoria Head Office,139 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Collection of Public Record Office Victoria, VPRS 8935/P0001.
Past Event

Heritage Beyond the Façade


Wed 24 May 2:00pm - 3:00pm


Free, booking required


Victorian Archives Centre
Public Record Office Victoria, 112 Macaulay Road (Enter via car park) (Street entrance), 99 Shiel St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia


Accessible bathroom All gender bathroom Assistance animals welcome Wheelchair accessible

Buildings, particularly their facades, are the most noticeable elements in the urban environment, representing the face of heritage. However, by focusing solely on the facade, do we overlook other aspects that make heritage places valuable? Can individuals personalize their experience by considering how they can respond to them and make them their own special places?

This session, featuring Peter Andrew Barrett as the speaker, explores alternative ways of experiencing and contemplating heritage in the city beyond the facade’s aesthetic. It delves into the value of touch, smell, and sound. It also examines the relationship between a place and its topography, social history, associated language, and how people move through or circulate around it. With these concepts in mind, a deeper understanding of urban environments and heritage sites can be developed. These tools can also aid in preserving memory and creating a sense of place where significant change has occurred, providing the means to connect with the past.


Peter Andrew Barrett

Peter Andrew Barrett is an architectural historian, heritage consultant and writer on architectural and urban history.

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