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Barrie Barton | Right Angle Studios
Evan Kerivan | Scientist
Samantha Waite
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Making Marks: The Valuable Components of a Brand


Thu 25 May 4:00pm - 5:30pm
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Queen & Collins
376-390 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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What does it take to go beyond being a creative with a good idea, to being a creative that makes an impact, and how hard is it really to build something that isn’t damaging the communities around us?

Griffith Hack, a firm of intellectual property specialists, host a high-caliber panel of creative juggernauts in fashion, design, culture and science, to discuss the evolving nature of design, and what it takes to create a legacy-for-good through ideas, brand, and more candidly… through breaking the rules. The panel will discuss the role of transparency in good design and explore the true value of creatives “new currencies”, their intellectual property.


Samantha Waite of TERMINAL SIX

Sam is a UTS alumni, with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles. She is the co-founder of Sydney-based independent fashion space, TERMINAL SIX, alongside Kit Masood. Since 2018, T6 has offered emerging designers a space to operate alongside internationally recognised designers and to allow consumers to carve out their own niches from an array of brands that operate outside of the mainstream market. Terminal Six seeks to investigate the changing systems of fashion on an ecological and emotional level, with their designers working on a more intimate and intentional scale, producing in small batches and outside of seasonality. Sam and Kit strive to build a community within this framework, lending to a more affective connection between the designer and consumer.

Barrie Barton

Barrie Barton is a lawyer by qualification, an entrepreneur by nature, and an urbanist by profession. He has spent his adult life thinking about the relationship between the type of places where we live, and the sort of people we become as a result. In 2005, he set up Right Angle: an urban innovation company, dedicated to understanding and improving life in cities. Right Angle is now considered one of the world’s most influential city-making companies, operating in four continents across an exceptionally broad range of projects: from rapid positive gentrification in Africa to luxury precincts in Asia. Barrie was also names one of Harper’s Bazaar‘s Visionary Men for his contribution to city life.

Evan Kerivan

Evan is an environmental scientist and the Program Manager at Sustainable Oil Recovery. Sustainable Oil Recovery develop innovative solutions for the capture of hydrocarbon and petrochemical pollutants that lie upon the surface of our waterways. Evan has a masters degree from the University of Sydney, specialising in estuary science. Prior to joining SOR, he worked for NASA as a dropsonde scientist. He also has extensive project management experience, consulting on projects across major state government infrastructure and large retail developments.

Edith Hamilton

Edith is a patent and trade marks attorney at Griffith Hack based in Melbourne, known in IP circles for her keen interest in sustainability and supporting innovative design. She is committed to spending time with clients to understand their objectives and works with them to develop pragmatic and creative approaches to IP matters in order to identify and reach strategic goals.

Whilst her technical expertise embraces mechanical engineering, materials science and chemistry, her experience extends into in the areas of fast moving consumer goods, including packaging; advanced materials production and processing; fibre and textile technology; process engineering; and clean technology.

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