Are you curious about the forgotten corners of the city, where whispers of old stories echo through the air?
Past Event

Urban Vessels

Presented by Djuro Djuranovic


Sat 20 May
24 hr
Sun 21 May
24 hr
Mon 22 May
24 hr
Tue 23 May
24 hr
Wed 24 May
24 hr
Thu 25 May
24 hr
Fri 26 May
24 hr
Sat 27 May
24 hr


Free, no booking required




Closed captioned Online

The city is a complex layering of stories; each day comprising a thousand intersecting narratives and experiences – a single thread within a vast puzzle.

Urban Vessels is designed as a dynamic, interactive experience that collects the memories of the city, celebrating the diversity of Melbourne and the stories that contributed to its current form. Through digital storytelling and the use of an artificial reality app, previously unseen layers of the urban fabric may be unearthed to reveal the hidden elements of the city, constructing new connections between the wider narrative of the city and the individual user. This pure sense of exploration and discovery present within open world game design is translated into the physical streets of Melbourne through the implementation of 7 ‘vessels’ – containers of digital objects that communicate pieces of the city’s identity and that are discovered through exploration of urban space. These vessels act as receptacles for the memories of the city; collecting various objects that contribute to the story of their respective place, and offering glimpses into the hidden layers beneath our streets that nevertheless contribute to their current form.

Urban Vessels offers a unique lens to view and engage with the city; a way to transcribe the narratives of the city into an accessible form, and an exploration of the natural and cultural value we prescribe to our physical place.

No booking is necessary – app download will be available through Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



Djuro Djuranovic

Djuro Djuranovic is a student of architecture completing his Masters of Architecture at RMIT. Interested in the relationship between architecture and personal identity, he believes that user-centred and responsive design can greatly enhance daily life. He is currently working in the field of architecture while completing his master thesis.

George Rowlands-Myers

George Rowlands-Myers is a graduate of architecture from the Melbourne School of Design. He is interested in the relationship between architecture and cinema, and the ways in which media can both record and influence city life and cultural experience. He is currently working in the field of architecture and is on the pathway to registration as an architect.

Zoe Spooner

Zoe Spooner is a student close to completing her Masters of Architecture at RMIT, who is interested in fun and community focused design. She is currently studying while working for an architecture publisher and bookshop which has developed her keen interest in research and publication within the field of design.

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