Presented by Louis Nuccitelli

Social media has allowed users to create infinite cities. Cities that are manifested through a series of images, videos and documentaries. With the aid of social media, people curate their own landscape so that cities that were once places imagined only through stories and first hand experiences are now imagined through a patchwork of content. Mindlessly, social media users broadcast their privacy while the rest of the world uses this content to imagine a place beyond their means. To this we can ask ourselves, if we have never been somewhere first hand, whose city are we viewing?

Louis Nuccitelli presents Beyond The Selfie, a panel discussion in collaboration with Christine Phillips and RMIT University, that investigates the relationship between image- and city-making. With panellists Liam Young, Ann Lau, Rory Hyde and Stephanie Pahnis, the event explores the role that social media currently plays in designing the built environment and whether social media can act as a tool in the architectural design process to offer a hopeful alternative for future cities.

Louis Nuccitelli, Graduate, Master of Architecture, RMIT University
Christine Phillips, School of Architecture and Urban Design, RMIT University and Co-Director, OoPLA

Liam Young, designer and director
Ann Lau, Design Director, Hayball
Rory Hyde,
Professor of Architecture (Curatorial Design and Practice), University of Melbourne
Nicola Cortese, Marketing and Communications Manager, Neometro and Co-Founder, Caliper Journal