Would you rather? A night of conversation exploring the conflicts in design.
Past Event

Would You Rather?

Presented by Re.Design


Thu 25 May 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Booking required


Industry Lanes, Level 6
459 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia


Accessible bathroom All gender bathroom Assistance animals welcome Seating available Wheelchair accessible

Would you rather embrace deep-fake technology, or destroy it forever? Design single-mindedly for accessibility or for aesthetics? Make design awards free, or ban them altogether?

Over the course of an evening, Would you rather? sees designers square off on some of the big (and little) issues impacting our world and the role of designers in shaping it. From accessibility to the environment and the rise of AI, Would you rather? will expose and unpack what we value most and why.

For each “Would you rather?” question our audience and experts will pick their side before and after our experts weigh in. Anyone can change their answer at any time, with live results displayed on screen throughout the night. Will minds be changed, or unmoved? Either way, blood is bound to boil.

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