Prayer Garlands for Modern Peace
Past Event

Prayer Garlands for Modern Peace

Presented by Shivjyoti


Sat 20 May 10:30am - 4:00pm
Fri 26 May 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sat 27 May 10:30am - 4:00pm


Free, no booking required


Seating available

Shivoham is presenting an exhibition and a series of talks that helps visitors discover the ancient use of gemstones and crystal vibrations to harmonize and strengthen the vibration around a person. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the vibrations by trying on the gemstones.

Shivoham offers modern prayer beads and garlands that are suitable for daily meditation and serve as a reminder of one’s inner purpose. The garlands are designed to bring the mind back to its natural stillness and connect the wearer to the beauty of the earth and each other.

Shivoham’s 2023 range features untreated ruby, topaz, sapphire, citrine, aquamarine, and many more crystals that are not commonly known. Shivjyoti creates meaningful formations of 108 beads, which can be worn as necklaces and used for meditation.

The garlands also feature seeds from remote places in the Himalayas, which have been used by sages for thousands of years to store the power of the universe and guide one’s meditation. Shivoham has sent thousands of these popular meditation garlands around the world and will demonstrate how they are used.

The event series aims to bring visitors closer to inner peace.

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