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Thu 18 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Fri 19 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sat 20 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sun 21 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Mon 22 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Tue 23 May 11:00am - 5:30pm
Wed 24 May 11:00am - 5:30pm


Free, no booking required


Villa Alba Museum 44 Walmer St Kew
Villa Alba Museum, Walmer Street, Kew VIC, Australia


Seating available

Futures Collective is an ongoing initiative showcasing creators, makers and the stories behind them. For MDW ’23, Futures Collective will once again crash land a contempoary design exhibit within the exquisite heritage walls of Villa Alba Museum, Kew. In direct conversion with this years MDW theme, ‘Design the world that you want’ Futures Collective will celebrate 4 design initiatives that illustrate the impact of designing with transparency, collaboration, and process in mind. This year’s Futures Collective co-participants are: Innate Collection, MATTERS, YSG x TAPPETI, Eco Outdoor, and Scott Livesey Galleries. 

Futures Collective is located at Villa Alba Museum, 44 Walmer Street Kew, and can be accessed from May 18 – March 24, during opening hours; 11am-5:30pm. Tickets to Futures Collective are free; no bookings required. 



At its core, Innate is a collaborative tool for the development of conversations with national and international designers, and embodies their response to our Australian landscape, as well as the lifestyle it engenders. For MDW23 Futures Collective launches Innate LS, a unique bath and towel collection based on 3 works by celebrated Australian artist Luke Sciberras, and exceptionally skilled textile collaborators Fiona Spence-Lyda (AUS) and Wanda Jelimini (IT).


Prompted by the question ‘what MATTERS to you?’, a notable collection of Australian and international designer-makers have been invited to explore ‘process’ as the key instigator for new design possibilities. Each practitioners concept is gradually developed, and the result are presented in 3 exhibitions, spaced over 3 years. During MDW ’23, the first installment (NO THINGS) MATTERS will take over the ground floor ‘vestibule’ of Villa Alba Museum, hosting a tactile cornucopia of material samples, interpreted tools, experimental forms, and visual documentation.

(NO THINGS) MATTERS is made possible with valued support from Eco Outdoor. 

This event is also thanks to the Victorian Government in collaboration with the National Gellery Victoria.


Celebrated Australian interior designer Yasmin Ghomein has collaborated with Tappeti and their craftspeople to produce an extraordinary rug collection called Real Majik. The unparalleled celebration of colour and texture present in Real Majik is complemented by artworks from the renowned Melbourne Art gallery, Scott Livesey Galleries.


The inaugural collection of functional sculptures from OKO OLO predominately explores the interplay between ‘found’ and ‘formed’. traversing materiality; timber, metal, stone, mirror, ceramics, fabric, paper, and found objects ~ to amplify, within a condensed collection a diverse practice. This collection moves away from traditional modes of furniture design and making and leans into the idea of re-use ~ towards limiting waste and landfill, and towards a mindful archaeology of materials and what they might become. Materials are stories, these functional sculptures bring together
disparate elements with unique, idiosyncratic personalities to create their own distinct narrative.

Eco Outdoor

For over two decades Eco Outdoor has worked in collaboration with architects and designers to provide a curated range of architectural surfaces and outdoor furniture that celebrate the raw beauty of nature. Supporting this year’s celebration of authentic Australian design at Futures Collective Eco Outdoor will be showcasing the singularly elegant Arc Chair, produced in partnership with Sydney-based designer Tom Fereday. Inspired by the unique character of raw aluminium, the new Arc Chair pays homage to material transparency and the power of collaborative design.   


Eco Outdoor is also proud to be sponsoring MATTERS; an emerging collective platform that advocates for time and intention in the process of designing.

Scott Livesey Gallery

This year, the Scott Livesey Galleries is proud to support the Futures Collective show at Melbourne Design Week. The show, which runs from May 18th-28th, is celebration of emerging and established Australian artists and designers and highlights the future of design in Australia.

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