Creative workshop exercise on experience design
Experience Moodboard, Photo by Montse Venegas © 2021
Launch of an entrepreneurship programme in 2021, run by the creative studio Montse Venegas Diseñada.
"Awaken your brand" event Photo by Daniel Cartes © 2021
Art installation at the Barcelona Museum Night 2017, by Montse Venegas and Landscape Lab.
Creating landscapes art exhibition Photo by Montse Venegas © 2017
A branded culinary experience
Intimate spaces Photo by Montse Venegas © 2022
Event designed by Diseñada creative studio, directed by Montse Venegas
Retreat in the countryside Photo by Montse Venegas © 2020
Testing experience for a new branded product,  by Diseñada creative studio
Brand experience Photo by Montse Venegas © 2022
Brand experience in public space, mural by Rowena Martinich
Creative branding business experience Photo by Montse Venegas © 2022
Past Event

Designing Experiences: The Power of Emotional Design


Thu 25 May 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Sold Out


Sold Out


Activities Room, Library at The Dock
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia


Accessible bathroom All gender bathroom Seating available

‘Experiences consumption’ has positioned itself in the market as a new space that is growing exponentially. Memorable experiences are the new trend on the rise, cutting across different creative industries. Design is the gateway to creating engaging and meaningful experiences for target audiences. In this context, emotional design can be a great tool as it connects human beings with different layers of their senses and their deepest humanity.

This workshop exposes these new trends, reviewing how design through multiple creative tools can help create experiences that meet both its branding objective and contribute to the construction of an environment that provides enriching life experiences for people.

The event addresses the theory and active ways of experimentation exploring emotional and experience design so that participants can apply these tools in projects and their own day-to-day experiences. It is designed for creative industry workers, designers or students in creative fields who want to understand and implement experience design in their projects as an integrating element of any human exchange experience.

The workshop is given by Montserrat Venegas, on behalf of the Master of Cultural and Creative Industries program at Monash University. Montserrat Venegas is a Chilean designer and creative director, CEO of Diseñada (Be Design) Creative Studio, who will present in an interactive experience the results of her MCCIs thesis research on “The era of experiences: Emotional and experiential design for creative environments”.

The Master of Cultural and Creative Industries from Monash University is a program built on the recognition that the cultural sector is one of the most exciting and innovative ones in the contemporary world.


Montserrat Venegas

Montserrat Venegas is a Chilean designer, cultural manager, and creative director specialising in experience design for brands, lifestyle, and cultural experiences, with an artistic and innovative vision towards the construction of creative territories. She has worked on multiple design, branding, and cultural international management projects, workshops, competitions, and urban festivals, leading significant and memorable experiences. Montserrat Venegas currently runs Diseñada (Be Designed) Creative Studio.

Gabriela Warner

Gabriela Warner is a Chilean designer specialising in exploring how design as a method, tool and philosophy can be useful to improve the learning experiences of teachers and students. With experience in public, private and non-profit projects, she has led educational innovation awards for teachers and students in Chile and led several workshops in educational contexts.

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