Agony in Lines by Sunny Kim photo credit Sung Hyun Sohn
Past Event

Agony in Lines by Sunny Kim

The University of Melbourne and the Grainger Museum


Thu 18 May 11:00am - 2:00pm
Fri 19 May 11:00am - 2:00pm
Sat 20 May 11:00am - 2:00pm
Thu 25 May 11:00am - 2:00pm
Fri 26 May 11:00am - 2:00pm
Sat 27 May 11:00am - 2:00pm


Free, no booking required


Grainger Museum
Grainger Museum, Royal Parade, Parkville VIC, Australia


Assistance animals welcome Seating available Wheelchair accessible

Agony in Lines is a site-specific and multidisciplinary exhibition that reimagines the Grainger Museum as a sanctuary for reconnection, aligning with the 2023 Melbourne Design Week’s theme of “Design for Belonging.” This innovative showcase invites the surrounding communities to explore the iconic yet often prohibitive space of the Grainger Museum, creating an opportunity for participants to connect with themselves and others through the practice of radical listening.

Facilitated by the acclaimed composer, improviser, and vocalist Sunny Kim, and her esteemed collaborators – Katie Stackhouse (sculpture), Sung Hyun Sohn (photography), Kyungwon Kim (motion graphics), Janette Hoe (dance), and Pat Telfer (sound design) – this multifaceted exhibition offers a unique and embodied exploration of the dichotomy of traumatic experiences, as both a cause of isolation and a catalyst for post-traumatic growth and reconnections.

As installed and performed sounds, movements, images, and objects unveil Percy Grainger’s traumatic life stories, the Grainger Museum transforms into a safe ground for communal sharing and the exploration of agony, offering participants the opportunity to deepen their sense of belonging. In line with the 2023 Melbourne Design Week’s emphasis on designing spaces that foster connection, this exhibition serves as an inspiring and transformative experience for all who attend.


Sunny Kim

Sunny Kim is a Korean-born composer, improviser, and vocalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her artistic practice is informed by her experiences as a global nomad, which inspire her to seek meaningful connections to people, culture, and place through self-discovery, deep listening, and collaboration.

In her recent works, Kim explores the relationship between trauma, memory, and identity through improvisation, extended vocal techniques, and immersive sound environments. As the artist in residency at the Grainger Museum, Kim’s efforts have culminated in the exhibition “Agony in Lines,” a multifaceted and embodied exploration of the dichotomy of trauma as a cause of isolation and a catalyst for growth and reconnection.

A recipient of the LIG Artist grant (2011) and twice awarded Best Vocalist by Jazz People’s Magazine Reader’s Poll (2012-13), Kim has released five albums as a leader and lectures in Jazz and Improvisation at the University of Melbourne.

Through her innovative approach to vocal performance and collaboration with a diverse range of artists, Kim continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression to create immersive, transformative experiences for audiences worldwide.

Katie Stackhouse

Katie Stackhouse explores the interconnection of living systems, ceremony, and materiality through sculpture, performance, and video. Recent works create spatial atmospheres referring to specific sites. Stackhouse completed a Master of Contemporary Art in 2021 and exhibited in various shows worldwide. Her upcoming projects include a solo exhibition and a sculpture installation in collaboration with composer Sunny Kim. Stackhouse has received numerous grants and her works are held in private collections globally.

Sung Hyun Sohn

Sung Hyun Sohn is a Korean-born documentary photographer whose works delve into the transnational Koreans’ history, society, and economy. With a BFA, MFA from Joong Ang University and an MFA in visual arts from Rutgers University, Sohn has exhibited in over 90 global shows. Sohn also lectures on documentary photography, cultural anthropology, transnationalism, and North American culture. He is the recipient of the Ilwoo Photography Award (2022) and the Onbit Documentary Photography Prize (2023).

Kyungwon Kim

Kyungwon Kim is a celebrated graphic designer and design educator, presently serving as an assistant professor at Dongseo University’s Department of Digital Media Design. His diverse portfolio includes printed and screen-based media, reflecting his multidisciplinary approach. Kim values creative expression in design and prioritizes educating individuals on communication and design methodology.

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