Presented by RMIT Culture, RMIT University

As part of Melbourne Design Week, RMIT Design Hub featured five exhibitions exploring the 2022 theme ‘design the world you want’.

Presented by JamFactory
Stemming from creative collaborations and workshops outcomes, this exhibition showcased the vitality and diversity of First Nations artists who have worked with designers and skilled makers at Jam factory in various way to produce design objects across Jam Factory’s four specialised studio areas – furniture, ceramics, metal and glass.

Presented by JamFactory
With a robust blend of South Australian talent, Fortified combined the new guard of JamFactory artists and designers with the next generation of producers evolving from and challenging the Barossa Valley’s long-held identity. Dedicated to the reinvention of craft, Fortified is the collaboration between nine JamFactory-trained, craft-based practitioners and their chosen Barossa producer.

Self Portrait
Presented by Friends & Associates
Self Portrait  presented 22 self-portraits by Australian creatives, telling us who they are in this moment. Creatives were encouraged to think about their personal and professional selves, representing themselves in a single object.

Knitted Architecture
Presented by Dr Jenny Underwood and Dr Leanne Zilka
Knitted Architecture investigates the use of digital design and 3D knitting technologies as an architectural system. Seamless knitting technologies, which ‘print’ 3D forms stitch by stitch (pixel by pixel) allow the designers to produce whole pieces of extruded textile tubes.

Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Showcase – Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence
Presented by Creative Victoria, curated by Ian Wong
The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Showcase shon a spotlight on a quarter of a century of award-winning design in Victoria. Established in 1996, these awards have recognized and rewarded Victorian designers and businesses that display excellence in the way they use design. The exhibition explored five themes: THEN, WHO, HOW, NOW and NEXT.