The Look Papier Toile March 2023
Modern Bride
Paper Toile Photo by Manfred Wong 2023 Model: Elham Royaee Creative Direction: FRD Concept Collaboration Project: Fay Russell, Elham Royaee, Maya Grkow, Manfred Wong and Dr Katrina Neville
Three dimensional installation work made out of paper and wire. It aims to provide a space for viewers to connect and transport themselves into the natural environment.
Metamorphosis Photo: Keelan O'Hehir
Interactive garments
The Mirror Photo by Elham Royaee
Tranfiguration of two abandoned garments with sensory installation
Dialogue Photo by Manfred Wong 2023 Model: Ghazaleh Hosseini Creative Direction: FRD Concept Collaboration Project: Fay Russell, Elham Royaee, Maya Grkow, Manfred Wong and Dr Katrina Neville
Motorised Spinner with Sonic Sensors
Dynamo Photo by Manfred Wong 2023 Model: Tina Hong Creative Direction: FRD Concept Designer: Fay Russell Collaboration Project: Fay Russell and Dr Katrina Neville Fabrication: Archived fabrics from Luci De Bella Design, Coffee glazed paper (Fay Russell) and hand painted fabrics (Elham Royaee) Headpiece: Fay Russell Special thanks to Dockland Library Makerspace and RMIT b515 Makerspace
Photo by Manfred Wong 2023
Past Event

Senses and Sensors S2 (Micro-Labs Bourke St)

Presented by Fay Russell


Sat 20 May 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 27 May 11:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 27 May 1:00pm - 1:30pm
Sneaker Laundry Workshop
Sat 27 May 1:45pm - 2:15pm
Sneaker Laundry Workshop
Sat 27 May 2:30pm - 3:00pm
Sneaker Laundry Workshop


Free, booking required


Micro-Labs Melbourne, 227-229 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


All gender bathroom Wheelchair accessible

Senses and Sensors S2 encourages people to interact with garments and create an immersive experience. The transfigured garments are derived from abandoned clothing from second hand opportunity shops, dead stock, textiles and everyday materials (up cycling). This reconfiguration acts as a call-to-action for designers to up cycle and elevate abandoned garments and materials in a creative, yet sustainable manner.

In Series 2 we have incorporated a hero piece called ‘Paper Toile’, which include garments made out of recycling papers, sculpture with hardening and softening techniques, upcycling laces, biodegradable polymers, archived fabrics and abandon garments.

‘Senses and Sensors S2’ is a multi-disciplinary collaboration to exhibit ‘technology wearables’ (interactive garments). The garments are installed with sensors that pick-up movement, sounds and touch, and will interact with the audience through movement and ignition of lights within the garments. When there is no movement or contact, the wearables will automatically turn themselves off. The concept is to encourage people to interact with the garments and take joy in the power of engagement.

The project is a collaboration to showcase talented RMIT students and provides opportunities to collaborate as a community of students across the Fashion Design, Textiles, Electronic Engineering, Fine Arts, Communications and Industrial Design departments. RMIT Senior Lecturer Dr. Katrina Neville (Electronic Engineering Department) is the advisor for the projects. A group of emerging Techno DJs will showcase their latest musical creation manage by Jesse Wundheiler from The Bass Collective.

This project is based on collaboration, celebrating different skillsets and creating a community that is memorable, inspirational and an ongoing bond for future designers and artists.


Elham Royaee

Elly is a Textile Artist and Designer who approaches her work in an inspirational and collaborative nature. She explores the themes of self- love, acceptance and encouraging women to express and share their inner beauty with the world. While Elly’s specialty is surface pattern design, her ever evolving designs incorporate three dimensional embellishments that are nature inspired, and often utilise surprising materials. She is currently exploring new developments in science and material innovation and is passionate about exploring the opportunities presented for textile designers.

Elly recognises the huge importance of textile and fashion designs – they are ever present and have the power to affect your mood and outlook. She strives to inspire a life lived in peace and with respect to the environment. Elle exhibited ‘The Mirror’ at the recent Paypal MFF (2023).

Maya Grkow

Maya is an emerging New Zealand and Australian artist who studied Sculpture at RMIT University. Maya is a multi-media artist, but prominently works in installation, sculpture and drawing. She is deeply engaged within the natural environment which is heavily influenced from her homeland New Zealand. Her practice explores the psyche, body, experiences and the natural world with an emphasis on the use of recycled materials.

Maya’s work has been exhibited at Deakin University as part of a group exhibition in 2017 and she also won the Studio Art subject award in 2018 from Highvale Secondary College.  Recently she has exhibited in a number of group shows, been apart of RMIT Sculpture Club Executive Committee, won the BDS sculpture award at the 2021 RMIT Grad Show for her work ‘Metamorphosis’, had her work exhibited at Melbourne Fashion Week and First Site Gallery in 2022 and is part of the RMIT Culture residency program for 2023.



Manfred Wong

After graduating high-school in Auckland, New Zealand, Manfred Wong, a fashion designer, left to travel the world, finding endless inspiration for his designs along the way.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Fashion Design at RMIT in Melbourne and has been passionate about fashion for a long time. Additionally, he has a keen interest in styling and photography and enjoys exploring his ideas in these fields.

Manfred’s recent works were exhibited at the Paypal MFF23, showcasing his talent and creativity in fashion design.

Dr Katrina Neville

Katrina worked at RMIT University as a lecturer since 2011 in the School of Engineering and has coordinated and taught courses relating to the Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering field.

Katrina’s main specialties in Engineering are signal processing, telecommunication systems as well as computer programming. The students that she supervised included projects in the wearable technology areas with project work in health/biosignal monitoring, sensor technology and audio processing.

Fay Russell

Fay is an artist and fashion designer who is passionate about playfully experimenting in art and fashion. She is inspired by a huge variety of things (such as nature, learning, music, craft and movement) and works across disciplines (including painting, sculpture, history, architecture, engineering, science and technology). Fay believes collaboration and having fun is a key to sustainability. She utilises upcycling, recycling and regeneration of materials and loves manipulating materials (especially biomaterials) into dynamic new forms. This leads to vibrant and quirky designs.

Fay established FRD Concept as an Australian-based label focusing on sustainability, innovation, silhouettes, storytelling and exploration of materials and narratives of identity through texture, shape and form. Fay’s love of fine details was influenced by her mother, a bespoke tailor who specialized in Japanese pattern-making and handmade clothing. Fay Russell works were exhibited at PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion Culture Program (2023) collaborated with Rollie Nation. 2023 Melbourne International Flowers and Gardens Show (2023) collaborated with The Mushroom Connection, theme Woody Forest.

Fay is collaborating with an electrical engineer, a textile designer, photographer, models and industrial designers to exhibit two sustainable technology wearables (with interactive sensors) within the ‘Senses and Sensors’ collection, The Dialogue and Dynamism and Paper Toile’.

Beyond Me

Beyond Me

-combining cinematic synth riffs and intricate rhythms to create an unmistakable, immensely powerful sound.


Harry is inspired by deep European acid techno and Australian festival culture.


Zuke specialises in techno music with a grungy European style.

Colonel Tan

Colonel Tan makes music to make you move and groove, inspired by the Berlin techno scene.


Pincus creates Berlin inspired filth straight from the underground, ranging from groovy to hectic.


Niamhzk (she/her) is a Melbourned (Naarm/Eora) based dj artist. Inspired by an eclectic fusion of drum-heavy electro, break beats and industrial percussion, Niamh experiments with style to deliver an exciting journey of sound. Her versatility as a selector, both in taste and practise allows for a refined and refreshing style of set, guaranteed to get a crowd moving and grooving. Some notable events have seen her play alongside artists such as Crush3d, Juicy Romance, JamesJamesJames, Sam Alfred, STÜM, SWIM, Loods, Escape Artist and Cassettes for Kids at various venues in Naarm and Eora including Sub Club, XE54, The Gasometer, Colour Club, Oxford Art Factory, New Guernica, Civic Underground etc.

John Hyunh (Artist and Shoes Designer)

John Hyunh is a sneaker technician who has a strong passion for shoe making and design. Since he was young, he has felt a deep connection with shoes and has made it his mission to pursue his passion. Currently, he is employed at a sneaker laundry where he works to clean and restore shoes to their former glory.

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