MDW FILM FESTIVAL: Hunter From Elsewhere: A Journey With Helen Britton
Past Event

MDW FILM FESTIVAL: Hunter from Elsewhere: A Journey with Helen Britton

Presented by RMIT Culture


Sat 20 May 4:30pm - 6:16pm
The Capitol – RMIT University
Sun 28 May 4:00pm - 5:47pm
Classic Cinemas


Booking required


The Capitol – RMIT University / Classic Cinemas


Accessible bathroom Seating available Wheelchair accessible

Australian Premiere

A shiny blue bird in a thorny thicket of dark silver, stone drops falling from a metal cloud, a ghost train loaded with mysterious treasure – Australian artist Helen Britton’s pieces seem to emerge from some forgotten Wunderkammer. And yet her art is modern, avant-garde jewelry, sculptures and drawings, admired and collected around the world.

The film follows her stalking through the German outback, seeking out abandoned workshops, forgotten artisans and manufacturing processes vanishing in time. Visiting the heavy industry sites of her Australian childhood in Newcastle NSW, stone carvers in Idar-Oberstein and glassblowers in Thuringia, we reach her Munich studio, where the artist amalgamates her capture, memories, and precious materials into timeless miniature sculptures. Beyond a simple portrait, the film is a poetic, essayistic approach to a rarely documented creative genre and a subjective narration of a relationship between the protagonist, her work and the filmmaker. Filmed over a four-year period, it is a reflection on art, memories and storytelling, with insightful interviews with the artists friends and colleagues.

The soundtrack includes indie electronic pieces by German cult bands like The Notwist, Driftmachine, Radio Citizen, Sasebo and Mount Hush.

Dir: Elena Alvarez Lutz / Year: 2021 / Country: Germany / ochobarcos filmproduction / Duration: 97mins

Curated by Richard Sowada.


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