Slow Data in the Age of Digital Things by Chuan Khoo
Past Event

Floor Talk: Slow Data in the Age of Digital Things by Chuan Khoo


Mon 22 May 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Free, booking required


No Vacancy Gallery
No Vacancy Gallery, Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia


Accessible bathroom All gender bathroom Assistance animals welcome

Slow data is a way of refiguring the design of digital information interfaces and interjecting against the tide of interaction brevity that mobile computing has come to expect of us.

Hear designer and academic Chuan Khoo expand on his exhibition that will consist of a series of artefacts built as a response to the following prompts: Can alternative modes of engagement with our digital data be explored, and therefore enacted in creative practice? What are the elements of a slow data practice, when looking at the highly technological fields that have to be crossed to reach the edges of a practice that leverages the same digital technologies used to produce interaction brevity? Is there a design language that can emerge from this, that allows a repositioning of digital design practice that embraces the built environment instead of augmenting it through the lens of a digital screens?


Chuan Khoo Lecturer, Monash Art Design and Architecture

Chuan Khoo is a creative practitioner specialising in interaction design, digital media, and physical computing. Working across design and art, his practice explores and reflects a necessary dualism that interrogates the twin edges of technology – its optimism, the darker side of its velocity, and the ethereal nature of our digital entanglements.

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