Kerstin Thompson, KTA lecturing a crowd of students spread across two levels
A crowd of people attending a lecture with a super imposed text reading BABBLE:Justin Choong @j.usjus
Students spread over two levels talking amongst themselves before the lecture commences
BABBLE 01: SITE Justin Choong @j.usjus
Kerstin Thompson (KTA), Mark Jacques (Openwork) and BABBLE presenter Loughlin O'Kane answering questions from the audience
BABBLE 01: SITE Justin Choong @j.usjus
Kerstin Thompson (KTA), Mark Jacques (Openwork) and BABBLE presenters Loughlin O'Kane, Kevin Ma and Laura Zammit discussing the lecture in front of a large format screen and a crowd
BABBLE 01: SITE Justin Choong @j.usjus
Past Event

BABBLE 03: Value


Fri 19 May 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Free, no booking required


Level 03 Lecture Theatre, Building 100
RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3000, Australia


Accessible bathroom Seating available Wheelchair accessible

BABBLE is an RMIT Architecture student-led lecture series that invites two speakers to discuss the same topic.

The presentations for BABBLE 03 are inspired by the argument that the built environment sits as both valuable and embodying values, but the financialisation of the property market as a tool for speculative trading, its continued privatisation, and the increasing ownership disparity in Australia, prove to undermine the value of our built environment while equally describing the values of our society.

This begs the question of our values and how they are embodied in the destruction, creation, form, and occupation of our built environment. Concurrently to this, we see the architect’s value within modern society seems ever diminishing, former Prime Ministers call us ‘fruitcakes’ and a recent Premier says we have ‘no idea’. To make matters worse the volatility of our profession to economic downturns, render us in precarious standing with notably poor working conditions.

The question Babble is asking for aspiring architects: What is our value? Our values? And what is valuable?


Millie Cattlin These Are The Projects We Do Together

Millie Cattlin, a Melbourne-based architect, is co-director of These Are The Projects We Do Together. The practice is committed to developing experimental ideas in the fields of art, architecture, and education through the design and ongoing operation of three key projects – Testing Grounds, Siteworks, and The Quarry.

The practice has a particular interest in public projects, working primarily with state and local government clients. The team has a hands-on approach with a generous and caring attitude towards the community, physical infrastructure, local context, and the public more broadly.

Simon Robinson OFFICE

Simon Robinson is an architect and director of the not-for-profit design and research practice OFFICE.  OFFICE is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary design and research practice based in Melbourne.

Their projects span the intersections of built form, research, discourse and education. As a registered charity, the studio’s operations, processes, and outputs are bound by a constitution to make projects for the public good.

This alternative mode of practice interrogates our relationship to the built environment as architects and landscape architects; and questions how we might work within the limits of our profession to develop ethical projects that hold social, cultural and environmental integrity.

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